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We’re Committed to our Community

Welcome Back! Over the past few months while many of our stores were closed to aid in and do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 we implemented a well thought out, detailed plan of how we would welcome you back with health and safety top of mind. 

As you tour our properties and return to your favorite restaurants and stores you will notice that we have implemented new signage that will aid in remaining 6 feet apart from those in the community you do not know well. These have been implemented in our common areas as well as for lines that may form outside of retailers. We also have COVID-19 Prevention reminder signage – wash your hands frequently, six feet is the sweet spot, wearing a face covering is for you and your community’s protection and in order to keep others safe please stay home if you are feeling sick. We also have automatic hand sanitizer stations throughout the property for use by all customers.

A dedicated person has been charged with cleaning high touch areas and will remain on-property for the foreseeable future. Curbside Parking areas have been designated and will remain even as retail stores allow in-person shopping. These amenities are provided for convenience as well as for the vulnerable population and those who do not feel it is their time to enter a store, just yet.

Finally, we remain committed to following the guidelines established by the CDC and OSHA for both the shopping center and providing the information for our merchants. We look forward to seeing you at Winston Plaza. Please reach out to Chuck Fleming the property manager with any questions or concerns at

Please click on the links below to see a copy of our communications to our tenants and communities:

Letter to our community on March 20th
Initial correspondence to our tenants on March 20th explaining our plan to support our tenants and communities by keeping our shopping centers open and clean and details on how to take advantage of the low interest SBA loans for small businesses.


Letter to our community on April 13th
We communicated with customers at all of our shopping centers on April 13th thanking them for their continued support of our essential businesses and restaurants.


Letter to our community on May 20th
On May 20th, we sent a letter to our neighbors explaining the steps we are taking to enhance their experience when visiting our shopping center as stay at home orders are lessened like adding curbside delivery zones and signage, hand sanitizing stations, health and safety signage and more.


Letter to our community on June 30th
On June 30th, we communicated with our community members about how our shopping centers have struggled but now are starting to reemerge with more and more tenants opening up and customers starting to return and how the best way we can protect our community is to wear face mask coverings and observe social distancing.

Letter to our community on August 18th
On August 18th, we sent a letter to our customers reminding them of the importance the key factors that will help us defeat COVID including social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, and avoiding large gatherings. We urged our customers to continue to support our merchants who are working hard to serve them and together we will get through this together.

Letter to our community on October 15th
On October 15th, we updated our customers with the latest things we are doing to support our shopping center and our community as well as sharing what our customers can do to help our businesses by reaching out to government representatives to show support for additional stimulus bills as well as reviewing our strong opposition to Prop 15 and the subsequent tax increase if passed that will adversely affect our tenants’ ability to operate their businesses.

Letter to our community on December 3rd
On December 3rd, we sent a letter to our communities asking them to help support our small businesses by shopping local, picking up take out from our restaurants, using our designated pick up zones where our retailers can bring your order directly out to your car, explaining the different precautions we are taking to help keep our centers safe when you visit, and how our shopping centers can be your one stop shopping location for all of your needs.

Letter to our community on March 1st
On March 1st, we sent a letter to our communities from our CEO Sandy Sigal where he reflected on the last year and how our shopping centers and tenants have worked to do the best they can during the COVID-19 pandemic and how we continue to ask our customers to support our small businesses, to spread the word, and to let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you have a better shopping experience at our properties.

Additional COVID-19 Community Resources: